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Hi everyone, I just joined the BT community right now, and I'm pretty excited. My husband and I have a BT puppy named Bandit (pics below the entry), who is almost 5 months old. He's full of energy, but after a very crazy weekend full of other dogs, playing, and outings he's calmed significantly. We're going to keep up the exposure b/c even though he's been less bouncing-off-the-walls, he's still very happy. He LOVES doing acrobatic tricks and thinks it's really funny when they scare me. Bandit's a big sweetie though, ok well not so big, he's still just 7lbs 3oz.

We're in San Diego if anyone wants a puppy playdate or if there's a local Boston get-together coming up.
Here are a few of the tons of Bandit pictures I have:

This was the second before he was on my knee chomping at the camera strap...

This one was from this weekend's playdate with his new friend Milo (mini Australian shep, 3 months old). Milo didn't know Bandit was about to pounce on his back...

That lump is Bandit. He was running around with his bed on top of him like that, going all over his pen. When I looked over and saw that, it was just too cute NOT to take a picture!

Good to meet you all!

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