Nancie (eicnan) wrote in boston_buddies,

I go home for lunch every day (unless Banjo comes to work with me) and while I'm there I work on Banjo's homework from puppy preschool. He's now had 4 classes with two more to go. Unfortunately the last trick I didn't have the camera at the best angle to see that he's got his treat sitting on top of his nose which is a feat in itself as a 5 month old Boston Terrier doesn't have much of a nose for a treat to sit on.

He's doing pretty good in school. He excels at the stay command but gets confused with lay down sometimes when you throw in all his other commands. Fortunately the drop it command is really coming in handy at home since he loves to steal paper products. My toilet paper has been much safer since we enrolled in PetSmart classes.

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