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Violet update

Well, Violet is doing good and she's staying another night to get another 12 hours of fluid through her IV. We stopped in to visit this evening because we had planned on picking her up and taking her home. The vet working usually just keeps them 36 hours instead of 24 hours and she called to ask to keep her longer, which freaked me out. I'm so upset not having her at home and I'm trying so hard to be strong and to keep my head up because she's my baby. But they said she's alert and happy to see everyone and whenever the door rings from opening she starts barking and she was trying to make friends with a vet tech while the tech was eating Arby's :-) But she's staying overnight again just because she'll be in better hands and she'll be getting more fluids. I don't know if she just has separation anxiety or if she just gets bored, but I just want her to not get into anything else. I think I'm going to Moochie's tomorrow so see if they have a super duper toy that will hold her attention while I'm gone to class or work..maybe one that I can put a treat inside and she works to get it out. She has 2 kongs and I'd like something like that so I can alternate.

I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and caring words. I'm praying so hard for her and the vet said she should be fine. She keeps peeing which is a good sign too. I just hate being this upset because I'm making it worse for myself but I'm 22 and I haven't had to deal with something like this except for when I was 6 and my mom's dog had to be put to sleep and it's scaring me. Thanks again and I'll keep you all posted. It's nice to have an outlet of a great group of individuals that understand how I'm feeling.

(this was taken around Christmas time this past year)

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