Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

MeetUps and Donated Jackets

Joey and Tanner did a really good post on our Boston MeetUp here:Dog Park

We had a couple pics too:

Niko rarely is without the tennis ball.

Tried to get a pic of all of us, there were so many!

Lots of puggies there too

And bull dogs and babies...

Oh, and here we are in mom's new cubicle at work with our best bud Copley.

My mom says I should be thankful.

Joey and Tanner gave us some cool coats! It has been plenty cold here for a February in a place that is supposed to be warm. We are thankful to get these coats!

It just seems like there's something wrong, since when mom put the coat on me everyone starts laughing. The hood falls a little over my eyes so I try not to move too much.

I was just hanging out and being cozy and warm when Niko starts to mess with me.

You'll see in the video below.


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