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Violet update...

So I first once again, want to thank everyone that has been helping me through the ordeal of Violet's first seizure. I feel a lot better now knowing it just happens for some unknown reason and that they are in no pain when it happens. My fiance at first thought she was choking but we now know what to look for if it ever happens again (which we pray doesn't).

So we took her to the vet yesterday morning to have another blood sample drawn...that was her 4th since last Friday. At the puppy hospital, her liver enzymes were slightly elevated, which could have been caused from stress but her kidney function, which was the main concern, was fine. The vet called with the results this morning and said her liver enzymes have gone down to normal level and that everything is fine. I talked to her about how upset Violet has seemed since we picked her up at the hospital and how she had been acting. She feels that the seizure was her way of releasing her stress and maybe it was triggered by waking up in the dark or hearing something and she just had it. She seemed worn out and somewhat out of it by yesterday's seizure, but now she's playing around and seems okay. I hope it doesn't happen again but if it does at least we'll be prepared. Thanks for everyone being there for me during this time. She's my baby and not everyone understands how much these little guys or pets in general can mean to someone.

On a happier note: News Article: Canine Cardiology
This Doctor is Violet's Cardiologist and she is the only vet doing this surgery in North America. She's doing the surgery today to help a dog that will help children with Autism.


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