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last weekend

First of all, thanks to everyone who gave me advice last weekend! We survived the puppy sitting experience, and will definitely not be doing it again any time soon, if ever. There was someone who asked me to share how we did it, so here it is.

Each had a separate area that was almost completely out of line of sight from each other. They went on very, very long walks. Both were allowed out at the same time and were allowed to play until right before the point where they were too intense, which was when I'd take them both and just put them back into their respective areas. I didn't scold them or anything b/c they weren't being mean. I made sure that the areas were suited to each dogs needs (chewing, space, visual contact with people, etc.). I gave each some of the others favorite toys. Bandit slept in his crate at night, and Milo ended up in the hallway. We tried to let him run around our room, but the only way he'd stop randomly whining/barking  was if he was alone in the hallway (no, it wasn't bathroom needs, he had access to his puppy pad in the hallway). When Milo started whining like crazy I'd tell him to hush, and when he wasn't whining (but seeing me play w/Bandit) I gave him tons of praise. He got 1 on 1 time too. I definitely fed them in their areas (Milo does get territorial over food, and Bandit likes to eat everything). We made sure that at least one of us was home all weekend, and only left them alone for a couple hours on Monday. Thankfully Milo the escape artist didn't get out in that time. So yeah, that was how we did it. Lots of me making a "system" and teaching it to Ben, and then us sticking to it. The puppies got a little better about regulating themselves while playing, and Milo got a LOT better about understanding that even if people are home he may not be able to go wherever he pleases. My friend decided to start crate training Milo. :)

And because they're so adorable, here are the pics from this weekend. I included some of the setup I used in case anyone's curious.
PS. In case it isn't obvious, Bandit is the Boston (ours) and is 5 months old, Milo is the mini-german shepherd (friends) and is 4 months old.
"The Setup"



The puppies playing.

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