Rory and Charley (seethewizard) wrote in boston_buddies,
Rory and Charley

Charley the Electrician

Charley is an amazingly good baby. He doeesn't nip or bite - ever. He doesn't go after objects while you are watching. However, when he's alone, he turns into a different puppy. He eats Things. Especially electrical objects. We tell him he's going to be an electrician when he gets big.

It seems his favorite source for enjoyment is electrical plugs. No matter what barrier you put in front of a plug, he'll search and destroy it. Here's an example of a recent 6 plug unplug adventure for him:

Of course, we've installed ground fault interupters on anything near him, but it seems to almost be a game of how many plugs can I get to.

And he ate the connecting wire for an ipod, the velcro and 3 buttons off of one of Rory's coats, and an entire Pottery Barn hooked rug. Plus a book:

You wouldn't think that innocent face could get into that much mischief.

Of course, we're spoiled since Rory would never dream of chewing anything or going after wires. She was the dream puppy!

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