Cass (cass4canines) wrote in boston_buddies,


ADORABLE.  The breeder was going to kill them for demodex mange.
"This is not a life-threatening condition. Of course, it just means that one or both of the breeding pair have a genetically deficient immune system, which also means they should not ever be bred. Since these "backyard" breeders had been breeding their Bostons quite a while, they knew this. But, like most people who buy a pair of "pet-quality" male and female purebred dogs with AKC papers to generate income, the breeders didn't care about the welfare of the dogs they breed--only the $$$ from sale of puppies, puppies, puppies. So, of course, these "backyard" breeders weren't really concerned that the other puppies in the litter could have a Demodex outbreak (or NOT) at any time--only about unloading the "merchandise" before such an eventuality. But they were unable to "beat the clock" in the case of Winnie and Fonzi. "

Read the rest on their profile.

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