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A weird question

Hello everyone. I hope your day is going great so far. Well, I came home to find my Violet a little puffy. It looks like under her right eye she might have a pimple or stye...does anyone know if dogs get those? And then she has two small bumps, a little bit smaller than the size of a dime. They are on both sides of her nostrils at about the same spot....I'm so scared something is wrong with her (after what we went through in February but also because when I was 6, my mom's dog had a cancerous tumor in his nose that inhibited his breathing and would bleed). I have an appt. with the vet if it doesn't go down since I just gave her some Benadryl because normally when she breaks out it's all around her eyes (like if she has an issue with the summer grass). I'm putting some pictures behind the cut to show what I'm talking about. If anyone has any thoughts or advice it is greatly appreciated! :-\

EDIT: I just got to thinking that I've been giving her a kong with a small biscuit shoved down to the bottom when I leave for class to keep her attention so we don't have another issue again...I wonder if these are just larger pimples from having her face smashed again the kong or little irritated areas of her nose....?? And her eye looks like it's already starting to go down since I gave her the Benadryl

right under her eye is that small bump.

this is her right nostril. the black portion next to her nose is raised but it's hard to really see since that's part of her coloring but you can sorta tell that it's raised.

She looks like she has her nose pierced :-) The pink side looks like a cyst-y pimple but it's large. It's on the same level as the other side.

any thoughts? I think they are hurting her because I tried touching it just to see if it was hard or soft and she backed away like "Leave me alone mom!"

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