shawni (dontwannafeel) wrote in boston_buddies,

Ninja Kobe! Doggy Model?

I used to work for a company called PetPlan Insurance. They have now switched names to PetSecure and because of this they did a brand new campaign and Ninja and Amelie were used in photoshoots for the campaign. Unfortunately, right before the photographer came Amelie scratched her eyeball with one of her toys and was squinting the entire shoot so they didn’t get to use her, but Ninja had lots of good photos, he is now on their website and looks like the cutest Alien ever. They are going to give me a photo album full of the professional photos of Ninja and Amelie and I can’t wait to have professional photos of them. They did the photo shoot in people’s houses because they wanted it to be as personal as possible so people could relate to it. This is Ninja on his bed. We call it his “king” bed.

ninja the doggy model

As soon as I get the album of professional photos I will make sure to post them all, so you can see recent pics of Amelie and Ninja.

Here is the link to the Pet insurance company

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