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Well, Violet is fine. The vet said that the bumps might have been a little "trauma" from her trying to get down into her kong because she looks completely fine. The bumps had gotten softer after she had had her benadryl but I of course freak out. Her eye is fine...if it turns into a stye then it'll go away, but it looked like it had gone down after her benadryl as well. I have to give her another pill tonight but she looks fine. Thanks to everyone that commented to my previous post. The seizure she had last month still has me a little shaken up still so I'm afraid if she has a hair out of place that means something is wrong with her. :-\

Here's 2 pictures to make everyone smile :-)

Ms. Violet at Momma's Nail Spa

Ms. Violet from KISS

Thank you again!

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