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I think Gambit is becoming bored and restless when I'm at work and I don't know what to do.

Recently he chewed the corner of the door - he hasn't chewed things since he was a baby. Now he has torn up the carpet in the bedroom that he has happily slept on for 8 months without biting it.


What do I do? I think part of it must be stress. My husband's grandmother, who used to babysit Gambit twice a week, passed away two weeks ago. We haven't been home much, he hasn't seen his "gramma" in over a month due to her illness, and we go to her apartment and bring home things which smell like her and he must be confused about where she is and why he can't go be babysat anymore.

How do I help him cope with this? I cant' talk to him about it. He doesn't understand that gramma is "gone". He just misses her and is confused. I think that might be why he is suddenly so destructive. I think he must also sense how unhappy my husband and I are all the time lately because we are grieving.

Any suggestions? I'd appreciate some input on this difficult topic.

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