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Ssshh!! It's a surprise! :-)

Well, Violet turns 4 YEARS OLD TOMORROW! Wow, I can't believe it's been 4 years already and I just pray that things keep going the way they are not and that there are no more health problems...that she grows to be a ripe old age with no hip issues and dies peacefully in her sleep. :-) I pray. But, knock on wood, no more seizures and we want to keep it that way...and we don't want any stress to cause her to have another one. Again, I want to thank everyone in this community for everything. I look at pictures and just general posts and I honestly feel like we're a big Boston Family :-P And It's great to know I can be understood here because we all know no everyone in this world are dog/pet lovers like us. But thank you for always being there for me when I post a spastic question or whatnot. :-)

NOW! On to the secret surprise for tomorrow...well, somewhat secret. :-)

I took a trip to Moochie & Co. right after my 9 hour shift that was supposed to be 7, and Jerry waited for 2 hours for me to go pick out Violet's Birthday cake. But on the right in her "Indestructible" toy with a squeaker and no stuffing - if it rips they will give you a replacement but it's a durable fabric! YAY! And then her birthday cake (which we will give small pieces so no runs after :-P ) and then I got the two dogs some treats for the rest of the month. I got a Sunshine (which already had two rays broken off since they obviously knew I had something! And then a butterfly and a cupcake! :-)

I'll post pictures tomorrow of her since she honestly loves opening presents lol

Hope everyone has a great night!

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