Jenny (littlesunflower) wrote in boston_buddies,

One more Question

Those of you with two dogs - would you say the dogs spend plenty of time playing together, or are less demanding of human attention?

I ask because Gambit demands a lot of love and attention which I am all to happy to provide but I feel terrible if I am working on my computer or I am cooking or watching a movie and he wants my attention ALL THE TIME. I was wondering if he will be happier having a little sibling around to distract him when Mommy or Daddy is busy. I DO spend quite a bit of time doing work on my computer, and I feel terrible when he gives me that "why are you ignoring me?" pout, despite our having played only moments earlier. I was wondering if having another dog = more free time for mommy, less lonely time for him. I'm not saying I am ignoring my dog! But I would love for him to have more companionship!!

Just a query.

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