Sugar Knuckles (surprisingdepth) wrote in boston_buddies,
Sugar Knuckles

This is my first post, and I definatly saved it for an awesome event.
My Atticus is 6 months, I've had him since 3. He was saved from and Omish puppy mill in Ohio, and I got him from a foster home. I had originally been interested in another Boston at the foster home, but he was already spoken for.
Yesterday Atticus graduated from puppy training! The trainer told me to stick around a little bit, because there was a Boston in one of her new classes. Well he shows up, and is adorable of course, and Atticus and him love each other. The owner and I began to talk, and found out that both had been saved from a puppy mill. And adopted from a foster home. And from the save foster home. This Boston was the same one I originally was going to adopt, and Atticus's brother!!!!
If that isn't crazy enough, neither the other Bostons owner nor I live in Ohio. We both live in Pittsburgh.
Needless to say there where many tear (by me), and numbers exchanged.
I'm happy to know his brother is in a loving home, I think about his mommy and daddy still being at the mill every day.


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