everything in my body says not tonight. (charmcityriot) wrote in boston_buddies,
everything in my body says not tonight.

Hi guys!

My name is Kristen and I've been looking at this community for a few days now and all your Bostons are so adorable! You all seem so friendly, I couldn't help but join :).

I actually just lost my 12 year old Sheltie recently and I'm in the processes of researching different breeds to see which one I'd like next. I really like Boston Terriers- I used to work at an Animal Hospital and every Boston that I met was just so goofy & friendly, not to mention cute!

Anyway, my question is this- My Cricket died of a nasal tumor and I've read that skin/heart tumors are a "common health problem" of Bostons. Also, I've read about a lot of them having allergies or even eye problems. Does anyone know how true this is? To those of you who own Bostons- do they have many health problems, typically? I've found a breeder near me online, but before I called I just thought I'd ask you all since some of you seem to know a lot about the breed.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer :).


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