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I've started calling the new puppy "oopsie daisy" because she keeps getting into trouble!! Today alone she discovered how, with the right pressure, she can push out her x-pen so she can chew on the bedspread of the guest room where she sleeps, how to knock over mommy's babygate by diving at it, how to jump up onto her crate using one of her toys as leverage (that toy is now gone) and how to squeeze under the deck. THAT scared me more than anything. My husband's sister came over so I was showing her how to take care of the puppy (she is going to babysit until summer vacation starts; by the fall, Daisy should be ok to go 6 hours on her own). I was showing her that Daisy is too little to climb the deck steps and she will have to pick her up, and Daisy leapt up two steps, squirmed through the hole and rushed off under the deck. We have an old wooden deck and god knows what's under it, we were calling and calling her. She pranced around through rocks and old dried plants and god knows what all, and I had a minor heart attack. She chewed up a stick and then calmly pranced back and we dug her out. I was terrified. I really hope she didn't cut herself or anything under there but she seemed fine when I looked her over. She was covered in dirt and yuck though, so I bathed her (I hate having to do that so early). THEN the vet called, she has Coccidiosis. The vet says it's totally common but to inform the breeder since it's super contagious. She is giving us meds for both Daisy and Gambit cos he'll probably get it, even if we pick up her poop, even a spec left will have the bacteria in it. :( I looked it up and it said it can kill puppies (!!!!) but the vet seemed very laid back about it. I'm hoping the treatment goes well. She had her first accident today, but to be fair, it wasn't her fault. Sarah is still learning that, yes, puppies really DO have to pee every hour to two hours, and when they wake up you MUST take them right out. So really, it's not Daisy's fault!!

Alright, 'nuff said, here's a picture. :D I still love her, even if she is Trouble with a capital T.


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