Sara Rae (sarakenobi) wrote in boston_buddies,
Sara Rae

hi guys! I posted a week ago about the symptoms of parvo. Guess who doesn't have parvo! Kosher! he just had really bad coccidia and dehydration. He is on albon and has now started showing symptoms of kennel cough. because of his low immune system, I'd like to know if anyone has any ideas to help relieve the little guy of his symptoms. the vet told me she would treat the kennel cough as if it were pneumonia and with small dogs like this she would give him albon, which he is already on. she also suggested 2ml of children's benadryl, but the poor little guy is just walking around hacking. he is eating and drinking just fine, although he is very sleepy because of the benadryl (I gave it to him once, its funny how it knocks them out for days!). I just want to relieve the coughing because he sounds so miserable :(

OH AND WE ARE KEEPING HIM! (if you couldn't guess)

p.s. anyone use "BioSpot" on their dogs? I asked the vet and she said she didn't see why I couldn't try it but she didn't know how effective it was and to be sure I'd keep it away from my cats. I saw that the cats version of BioSpot isn't getting very good reviews because it makes cats sick and that makes me wonder if I'm practically treating my dogs with HARTZ flea control or something.

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