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Potty Training!

Hello all!  We are looking for some potty training tips for our little guy.

He was found as a stray by PAWS, so we're not sure what his past is like.  I feel like he was in a home at some point because he is very comfortable around people and seems to really enjoy being inside.  However, he was entirely untrained when we adopted him at the beginning of June.  He is definitely getting better, but we are still having some problems now and then. 

Like others, I have read many different things about potty training.  Some books say it should only take 6-8 weeks for a puppy to be properly housebroken, while others say it may take 6-12 months for a dog to be totally housebroken.  I'm not sure how we should handle the situation or if we should be worried.  His age is estimated at 10-12 months, so he's definitely still a puppy.  He still has at least one accident a day in the house (99% of the time it's only pee).   We're not sure if these kinds of accidents are still normal and acceptable or if we should be doing something differently to prevent him from going at all in the house. 

Also, we're not sure how we should properly train him to notify us that he needs to go out.  Sometimes he starts wimpering a lot and sniffing around, but sometimes he literally gives us no warning and just pees right in the middle of the floor.  Is anyone familiar with the training where a dog rings a bell to be let outside?


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