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First Training Class!

This is user boozymcbooze03; just got a new journal/name.

Our little guy, Phineas, had his first day of training class yesterday and as far as we can tell, it was very successful!  We are going to train him using a clicker and he is really learning to respond to it.  However, his peeing inside the house was out of control yesterday, and got worse after the class.  I'm not sure if he was trying to make a statement about how pissed he was that we started telling him what to do hardcore or if he was just overwhelmed with lots of new training information, but it was really frustrating.  He even started off the day poorly today by peeing in his crate at some point in the middle of the night and in the dining room right after breakfast.   It's super frustrating that he's responding so well to the command training, but cannot seemt to get the potty traning down pat.  We're going to use the crate hardcore from now on, even when we're home.  Usually we just let him roam around with us in the house while we're home, but I think he needs to spend more time in there in order to associate that with potty training.  

I'm super excited, though, because I think this training will really have an impact on our little family.  He is a very smart dog and seems to learn most commands easily, so we're really excited to start training with him so that he can become a good little Boston!

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