Mele (mele) wrote in boston_buddies,

K9 Crunchies came today!

Look what we got in the mail today

First to check out the new package was our cat/dog (our cat who thinks he's a dog and really wants to be a dog) Ranger:

Kiko & Kaji waiting for the package to be opened. The box didn't smell of anything, so Kiko wasn't intrigued..yet... (Kaji on the other hand knew something was up)

Box opened and the yummy smells came pouring out! The girls were in a down-stay and were trying so hard to contain themselves. Kaji is pushing it there -but she is in her down position.

One more exercise in obedience & willpower...goood girls!

I couldn't get a picture of Kaji getting her first treat - she gulped it down too fast. Here Kiko samples the Doggie Delights! Oatmeal & Cheese treats (they have "doggy safe chocolate" (carob) on them!)

And the verdict is:

Kiko says: YUM!

Thanks bair the treats are wonderful! And the packaging is beautiful also. I wasn't expecting it to look so nice (no offense - just not my experience with many pet supply order places). So much so that I hesitated to open one of the bags so I could give it away to one of my many dog owner friends - but alas, I couldn't bare to part with them, er my doggies gave me the sad "don't give our special treats away" we kept them all! I guess I'll just have to order again! They smell so good too, I wanted to take a bite! (I'll bring some to my work - the staff has known to sample the high quality doggy biscuits that we sell - you know, what's good enough for your dog....!)

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