*ANGELA* (helloangela) wrote in boston_buddies,

decisions... decisions...

I have a big decision to make.

I am trying to decide if I should get Mac a playmate. Recently, my sister/roommate moved out with her dog Reba. Mac has been okay because I have been living with my parents for the summer before I returned back to school. He was playing with his boston 'sister' Macy and loved it. Now I am back and he is ever so lonely. I had for a moment considered giving him to 'grandmama' just so he wouldn't be so lonely... but then an opportunity presented itself. My friend's brother's friend... haha... family breeds bostons and was going to give one to the brother. He has offered to give me a free 'papered' bossy pup.

Help... I really want to get the dog, I would have pick of the litter... but I just need to think it out and make sure I am making the best decision for the pups and me.

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