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Training, Training, Training

We're now seven weeks into our eight week beginner training course with Phineas and I'm pretty proud of his progress.  He has learned to sit, lay, leave it, go around (spin in a circle), shake and sometimes drop it.  Drop it really needs to be practiced because he isn't very good at it yet. 

We practice with him everyday, but he doesn't seem to understand that the things we practice inside apply to outside as well.  He will leave treats and occasionally some things in the house like shoes or things we don't want him to chew, but it's harder to get him to ignore every little thing he wants to sniff and eat outside.  I know it'll just take a lot of practice, and we're ready and willing to dedicate our time to it. 

He still has potty training issues, but he's been sleeping with us at night, so he's obviously not peeing in his crate anymore.  He has not had any accidents in our bed or anywhere in our room in the middle of the night, which is a plus!  I'm not sure if having him sleep in our bed is a good idea, though, because he seems to be so used to it that he doesn't like being in his crate at any other time of the day ever.  He's been very whiney and barky when we put him in there during the day.  My boyfriend is home during the day, but we were advised to keep him on a crate schedule because there will be a time that we are both at work during the day; we want him to be used to being in there when he needs to be during the day.  But I think the sleeping with us has really hampered his indifference toward being in there during the day, so that's a hurdle we're trying to get over now. 

So, right now, all we do is train, train, train.  We want him to be the best dog he can be.  We make him sit at every corner outside, sit when people come over, sit when other dogs pass... we're also trying to work on getting him to be less anxious and excited around people and dogs.  Hopefully a visit to the dog park is in order soon.

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