Lorinda (sweetdemonica) wrote in boston_buddies,

sad rant

Does anyone elses boston puke really easily? arg. emo, my 6 yr old boston, has always puked very easily. don't worry, shes totally healthy. the vet knows she pukes easily.
if she gets too upset, she pukes. as she's gotten older she's gotten better, but we're babysitting my sisters dogs (5 yr old maltese and 2 yr old maltese/pomerian (i think) mix). her dogs are not very well behaved. This stresses emo and emma (my 1 yr old boston) out. So here i am checking my morning emails. my parents leave to do some running and boom. emo pukes right at my feet. now emma is concerned and of course my sisters dogs could careless as they fight on the couch which they're not suppose to do but i dont want to yell at them and upset my dogs more.
after spending a few days with us my sisters dogs become so well behaved. they go outside without leashes. they'll sit/stop on command. they don't have accidents in the house. of course after just a couple days at home back with my sister and her husband everything we did gets erased. they don't pay enough attention to them. I feel so sorry for her dogs. They really are good dogs, they just need someone to be patient with them and give them attention.

ugh. its a never ending battle.

I just needed to rant:(

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