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Hey everyone!! I try to get online when I can, but I don't have internet so it's not often. Beasties is still old, but she still tells Sam where to go if he tries to sniff her bum/eat her food (all food food is "hers")/goes near her toy, jumps too much on the bed, basically anything she sees as a good reason to lip off. Sam is getting weirder and weirder, cowering in corners for no reason, acting like anything I'm holding (book, glass of water etc) is going to be used to hit him, I don't know what those previous owners did to him, but if I see them I'll run them over and back up. He's also been jumping on Beasties and biting her head and stuff if we pay any attention to her. If we put her on the bed, he'll get down and sleep on the floor. He's also started doing this thing he did when we first moved them here, which is trying to smother Rista on the bed by lying on top of her. We foolishly attempted cutting his nails again, we got 3 feet done before he was attacking us so badly he had to be locked up in his house for biting. He's such a spaz, now I'm worried if we get a puppy, he'll hurt it out of jealousy He has learned that when I put my shoes on, I'm going to work, so he puts himself in his house, he's such a cute, although completely bizarre dog.

Anyhow, I've joined facebook, and my name is holly c. stevens, all my boston pics are there, I'd love to have bosty friends, just put bostonbuddies in the message when you send the friend request!

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