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Phineas' Graduation!

Phineas graduated from the Beginner Class at Petsmart!  He graduated summa cum laude, as did all the other dogs.  A+ all around.  He performed a routine that included sit, lay, leave it (with treats on his paws), drop it, stay, go around (he spins in a circle on his hind legs) and shake with both paws.  I was very, very impressed and very proud.  Eight weeks ago he definitely could not have done this, so I'm really happy.  He still has a few potty problems in the house, but we've decided to have a private behaviorist come into our home to evaluate him and give us advice and training activities to get him to stop going inside.  We know he's capable of learning commands - he learned everything very well during his class (except drop it... that's only at about 30% right now).  So we'll see how this goes in the near future.  I just want our little guy to be happy and comfortable!  And, as I'm sure all of you can guess, I'm sick of cleaning pee off the floor at least once a day.  I don't want to do this for 15 years.  I hope it works out. 

The graduation consisted of a test for each dog, then a 'treat bomb' (dog-friendly ice cream with treats mixed in), a rawhide chew, a picture with the graduation cap and a diploma!  It was very cute and every dog in the class did very well!  Some of the dogs learned roll over, but we're defintely not up for trying that yet - Phineas will not have it.  I think in a month or two we will move on to the Intermediate Class, which now includes dog agility training!  We were informed that the last two or three weeks will include crazy agility training with the teeter-totter, weave poles and that tunnel they go through.  That will be adorable.

Below are some pictures of our guy at his little graudation ceremony!


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