Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

Jumping in the lakes!

We went to the Cosmo dog park in Gilbert, AZ. They have a nice little lake there, we had lots of fun!

This dog makes Niko look really small, but it's just that it's a great dane.

Kelley and Oz came along too!

Niko loves to give Oz kisses.

We kept running and jumping and splashing!

I did have to do my usual perimeter check. My mom got me a shirt that says "security" on it, since I walk the fences at the parks like a policeman.

Niko will fetch forever, this H2O football worked very well for the lake.

It was still a pretty hot day, so I would just lay right on the water! I don't do this in my pool at home because the water is not as shallow.

Oz cooled his tummy this way too.

Our friend Copley came with us too! Her mom is originally from Boston, our native lands!

This big dog, I think his name is Bear, he kept coming back to play, and he was so nice we weren't scared at how big he is!

We met so many nice dogs, one even went out to the deep part of the lake to get a ball for us that we were scared to get!

We spent a long time there! It was a bit of a drive but we snorted fun dog songs in the car ride down.

After the lake we went to the San Tan Mall, where dogs are allowed everywhere almost!

The rest of our weekend we've spent recovering! Niko was even too tired to type, so I made this blog for us both. Hope everyone else is having a great summer!

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