The Crunk Panda (lil_ron) wrote in boston_buddies,
The Crunk Panda

Poor laineylj =/
The other day Amy noticed her eye was kind of swollen shut and had goop coming out.
We kept observing her and didn't notice that it was bothering her at all, then yesterday we noticed the eye looked really bad. Looked like something was in it almost and the eye was real cloudy.
So we took her to the vet today. Somehow she ripped her cornea, like bad. This basically caused her eye to rupture in turn. The vet thinks it happened while she was playing with the other dogs and a claw went into her bug eyes. Either that or she just flat ran into something.
Long story short. The doctor couldn't repair it. So he basically took off the bad part and then sewed the eye itself to try and at least let her keep the eye, even if she is blind in it.
The vet was awesome about it all too, 116 bucks for everything. He basically just charged us a flat fee for the visit, anesthesia and for meds. You can't beat that.
Lainey seems to be fine though, bouncing around and loving that she is in 24/7 now.
So for all you bug eyed Boston lovers, keep an eye on your dog's eyes.

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