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Clementine is 3 months old now

Isn't she pretty?

Michael's mom sent her a package. It was a puppy gift set. It came with a duckie, pacifier, bone, and blankie. She loved her new stuff from Grandma

The only toy she ever nurses on is her Pig. I caught her nursing on this duck too! Poor Pig.

Pin Up Clem

LOL at Hoag

Hog's face as he looks up at his sister

She isn't really a cuddler. Lulu wasn't either. I think it's a girl thing because Hog cuddles like crazy. We always get jealous because the only thing she will cuddle with is Hoggy!! So cute. When she's sleepy she goes and finds him and always lays with him

Here she is playing with the elderly

I endure severe cramping all through the night and day in my legs because of the little Bt's in my bed.. but don't worry those aren't my legs!! hahaha

Cheating on her Pig

Let us not forget my babyyyyyy!!!!


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