jen (injenius) wrote in boston_buddies,

Juvenile Cataracts

A few days ago my Dad mentioned that April's eyes were starting to look like Beethoven's eyes (our 16yo Lhasa Apso with cataracts in both eyes who has been totally blind for quite some time). If you look at April's right eye there is some definite cloudiness and whenever she wakes up/is sleepy she seems to have a lot of tearing and fluid in both eyes.

She is a rescue from our local shelter, so we aren't positive about her age. Judging from her teeth and her personality we had always guessed that she was about 8mo when we adopted her, and we've had her for a year and a half. So that puts her at a little over 2yo now if we're right. Juvenile cataracts (from what I've read) show up before the dog is 3yo and is the most common health issue seen in Boston Terriers.

Does anyone else have any experience with a young Boston with cloudy eyes?
(Her eyes aren't normally that color or that cloudy. They just happened to come out like that in this photo.)

*Yes, obviously we will also take her to the Vet within the next few days to see what their opinion is on what we should/could do.

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