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More thanks

Just more thanks for all the condolences, they really mean a lot since I'm alone here today and all I've been doing is checking for more messages from you guys. I think the nicest thing that people have said that's helped the most is that Beasties is with all the other angel bostys from this community, I like thinking of it that way, that we're all one big family and we all have children waiting for us. Beasties was friends with all of your kids and I'm glad she's not alone like I am. I think a lot of Lulu-Belle at this time and I look at Clementine and how hog and all them have moved forward and I know one day there will be another girl boston in my house to carry on what Beasties started in my heart. For now, all I can do is grieve that the house is so quiet without the snoring and the ticking feet following me everwhere. No face bashes the bathroom door when I shut it and the bathtub has little Beasties footprints in it from a muddy day that I can't bring myself to wash off now. 13 years, that's over half my life. I didn't take care of her, she took care of me.

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