it's all just simple math to me. (operationtrauma) wrote in boston_buddies,
it's all just simple math to me.

foster baby

we may be bringing a new foster baby into our house this weekend!

we've never fostered before. does anyone have any suggestions?

she's a 6 month old little boston girl and the lady who runs the rescue is bringing her by this weekend to the house so that we can see how she meshes with Penny - and our 2 cats!

Penny's a year and 3 months old. she's a pleaser. a little timid, a mama's girl, sleeps under the covers, whines when you don't give her attention, and hates the car. i think she needs another boston to keep her company so that she stops terrorizing the cats for playtime when we're busy.

here's what i'm hoping:
a) i don't get so attached that we end up keeping her. i just wanna do a good thing!
b) she doesn't ruin the harmonious dynamic we have in our house right now
c) she doesn't try to sleep between my husband and i in bed... there's already one smelly, snoring boson between us!

i'll post pics if we get her cause i'll want help with names. any foster integration tips would be appreciated!

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