Jessica (missjhyde) wrote in boston_buddies,

Bilbo has a new home

Last night around midnight I climbed into bed, and tried to move Bilbo off of my pillow. With no warning growl he latched onto my face. I have 50 stitches in my lower right hand side of my face curteousy of the emergency room's plastic surgeon.
I had four puncture wounds and a long laceration. No flesh was removed, but a lot of damage was done.

I got to the ER at about 12:30am and got home at 10:30am. I called the woman who was fostering him when we got him and explained the situation. She said she'd take him back -- no problem. I put on his leash and took him to her house. She was very understanding, and after seeing my face and my demeanor (I was/am torn up about this) realized I had tried my best but I was not adequately equipped to handle this dog. I'm sure he will be perfectly happy at her house with her pack of dogs.

Bilbo (she still calls him Bullet) has a new home in Ronkonkoma -- I'm sad. But I know I did the right thing for the dog, myself, and my future family.

I need to go to bed and get some sleep.

Damaged Goods

Thanks for reading. Pet all your wonderful fur babies for me. I'm going to go snuggle with Ruby now.

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