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Violet just had a seizure.

I was okay....I didn't freak out. It was weird though because when she had her ibuprofen issue earlier this year, it was a week after the fact that she had her seizure...and now it's been a week since the whole coin thing....and I was sitting at the table talking to Jerry and my mom and jakie was laying next to my leg...I looked down and she started stumbling and walking backwards and stepping on Jake. So we just held her so she didn't hit her head on the table leg. Poor thing of course peed everywhere, which isn't a concern since we have heavy duty cleaner. It wasn't as violent as her first one, but it was a little longer, and it took her longer to come out of it and get her motor skills back. 

I'm feeling pretty calm and Jerry is a little amazed. :-)
We're on the phone now with the Vet but I honestly feel okay..I don't want it to happen again, but maybe I'm okay since I've seen this happen once before....::sigh::

I just don't know. The vet said not to worry about blood work because she's only had them after something major, like the ibuprofen and the coins. She's doing good now, just laying around with her back legs thrown out like a frog. I just had to get this out somewhere and I knew that I could let it out here.



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