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Is it possible that a dog deliberately pees on things? I've heard of people telling stories about dogs pooping in their bed or their shoes when they are angry about something. Is this possible?

For weeks, we've started letting our guy be out of his crate when we're not home. Aside from getting into the garbage, he's been really good! I wrote earlier in the summer about him having potty training issues and - for the most part - he seems to have conquered them (he still has occasional accidents, but they're not as frequent). We used to crate him at all times when we were not in the house, even if it was only for 15 or 20 minutes; now, we can leave him out and he's been fine. Almost no accidents every time. However, we returned home today from a 2 hour excursion to dinner and he peed on our pillows in bed. Normally, he'll come into our bed and lay down while we're not here and just sleep - he's never had any issues in here alone. But today I'm not sure if he was upset, lonely or angry - he just peed right in our bed on our pillows and then laid in it. I guess not in it, but he was right next to it and didn't seem upset. He was just sleeping soundly when I noticed it.

I find myself even more frustrated than I was before. Honestly, if he's going to have an accident, please do it on the hardwood floor so we can clean it up. This is just highly irritating. I'm not sure what has provoked him to do this, but any advice would be helpful. We have had him checked in the past for urinary tract infections or any other problems and he has none. And other than this one accident, he's been fine for weeks! Has anyone else ever experienced a problem like this? What did you do when you transitioned between crate and being out?

Thanks! :-)


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