Karol Ann Moore (kam0520) wrote in boston_buddies,
Karol Ann Moore

eye problems...and a couple other questions

I have a quick question.

Our boston, Molly, will be 9 months old next month, she's had two cherry eyes pop out (one on each eye) but they eventually go back in after a couple of hours.  (Each time we take her to the vet for them, they're not poking out)  Her eyes seem red, alot, the parts that aren't brown, closest to her nose.  I've read on a few forums that they have a lot of eye problems because of their big eyes, is this something I should worry about?  Also, how important is it to take them to a doggy opthamologist?  I think I read that they're supposed to be checked for juvenile cateracts.  Are there signs?  Thanks!!

One other question!

Is it just my puppy or do they love to "sun tan"??  Molly LOVES to sit in the sun behind our blinds.  And she is so smart, and methodical.  You can tell she plans things.  (i.e. if I jump on this chair, i can then jump on that table to get to the food!)  I may be biased, but I think bostons must be one of the smartest breeds ever!!  

Oh one more question!

Do your dogs "hug" other dogs?  My parents have 2 english bulldogs, and EVERY time she see's the male she puts her front paws on either side of his head and nuzzles/licks his face.  I've noticed her doing it to a few other big dogs. (Our neighbors lab and another dog thats around).  But she's never done it to the female bulldog my parents have. 

Thanks for all the info!

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