Rory and Charley (seethewizard) wrote in boston_buddies,
Rory and Charley

Poor Puppia

Alex is telling on them:

"This morning Rory and Charley were sleeping, but his camouflage puppia harness was on the floor, not on Charley. My mom picked it up and the buckle was completely chewed. Rory chewed it off of him! I said that Rory did it because "camo puppias are soooooo last spring. Let me take it off of you." Yikes. It was his good puppipa! Those babies are a mess."

And it put on the computer desk to show their father when he got home, but it disappeared. I looked in the back yard, where Charley takes all his treasures, but it was no where to be seen. Of course it isn't easy locating a camouflage Puppia among a backyard full of leaves that have fallen from the tree.

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