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K9 Crunchies Virtual Terminal Information

Hi gang!
I have received 3 emails now telling me that our shopping cart isn't working on the K9 Crunchies site. I've talked to about the problem. They tell me that it isn't on their end and that it has to do with our shopping cart company. Since I don't know anything about the shopping cart I will have to contact our web designer about the problem and have him look into it. The problem is that he is on a "working vacation" in France at the Cannes Film Festival and wont be home until the 24th of May. :(

I do however have another way of accepting K9 Crunchies orders. I can log into our Virtual Terminal and plunk in all the information manually. I don't mind at all really...

If you are at all interested in purchasing K9 Crunchies let me know at :) In order to use our Virtual Terminal I will need the following information to start the transaction. If you email me your phone number and the information below I will call you and we can get the rest of your card information over the phone.

*= These are the fields that are required.

First Name*
Last Name*
Zip Code*

Shipping Information
Same as information entered in Billing Information: Yes or No
(if not please add the other address below)

First Name*
Last Name*
Zip Code*

EDIT! Oh! And don't forget to tell me what you want to order! LOL

Yeah, it's a bummer for us that the site isn't working right now but on the flip side... I get to talk to you! Woohoo! That's pretty cool!

For your viewing pleasure.... here is the link to our doggie cam page. Winston got a new Froggy today, and he can't seem to put it down!

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