astro boy toy (starlitziggy) wrote in boston_buddies,
astro boy toy

medical question

ok! so Wednesday has developed a small lump, pimple size, underneath her skin half an inch under her nose. I originally thought it was an ingrown hair or a pimple or something like that so I took her to the vet & the vet thought it was a bug bite, the vet said it didn't have fluid in it so it definitely wasn't anything that was infected & it would just go away. it scabbed over for two days & then the scab fell off & it didnt look like there was an open wound or anything- but it started shrinking until I came home this afternoon & it got even bigger than before! & this time it looks like it's very irritated but it still doesn't look like there is any puss or fluid it in. She is going back to the vet Thursday for her lyme shot but I was wondering if anyone had any insight on to what it might be? I know my description is very vague & it could really probably be anything :P argggh!! I'm just one of those overly concerned moms really.

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