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25 November 2008 @ 01:15 pm
Lola & Maple syrup got an unexpected sister  
SOO.. Ms. Lola and Maple Syrup unexpectedly got a new baby sister.. well not completely unexpected but a lot sooner then expected.
My boyfriend wanted a puppy for Christmas and last Sunday we found ourselves impulsively driving to Vegas and back to pick up his new Great Dane puppy. I don't think the girls are going to know what to expect when Payton starts getting huge and still thinks she is their size.
They did surprisingly well when they met little Payton, Maple especially. They just want to play with her, and Payton is the one trying to be tough and bark at them. But they are starting to get it.
I remember why puppies are such a headache now though.. and I didnt miss it. Is it over yet?! haha.

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Sheri: MARILYN ON PINKbooksaremyhabit on November 29th, 2008 10:33 pm (UTC)
how cute..look at those paws!