fatso (fatso) wrote in boston_buddies,

Fear of other dogs?

Hi, this is Zelda! We’ve had her for about two weeks. I have to admit, I’m a little intimidated because I’ve never had a challenge like her before. I’m not entirely sure what happened to her before she joined our little family but I don’t think it was very good….

She is absolutely adorable and is the sweetest dog I’ve ever meet. The poor little girl has really visible scarring all over her body, though. It looks like she has large teeth marks all over her legs and she even has itty bitty bites out of her ears. Some of the marks are obviously newer than others so it is clear that she has been attacked by other dogs on a pretty regular basis. When we got her, she was pretty underweight, too. (but she has chubbed up quite a bit) She hadn’t had any potty training whatsoever and she’s a little more than a year old. She is slowly but surely catching on to crate training, though.

I would say that our biggest issue thus far is that she is absolutely terrified of other dogs. We live in an apartment and so she goes on her walks and to the bathroom in the neighboring park where there are tons of other pups. She cowers at the sight of even the smallest dog. We’ve been socializing her with my mom’s Boston and that seems to be helping a bit. Do any of you have tips helping her get over her fear of other dogs?


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