Jenny (littlesunflower) wrote in boston_buddies,

bitter apple

Daisy likes to eat my carpets. Every carpet. Any carpet. She'll chew until they're shredded, and do it so silently she's rarely caught. She finds loose threads, loose corners and PUUULLLS. It's chaos. She's ruined 3 bedroom carpets in as many months.

Today I bought a new carpet because I hate an expanse of cold floor. Our bedroom floor is freezing in the winter. Having no rug is not an option. But I thought ahead. I sprayed the edges all around with bitter apple spray - a "taste deterrent". It stank like rubbing alcohol. I did the whole rim of the rug.

I saw Daisy sniffing at the rug and I thought "ah ha, we shall see." And then nothing. She was lying on the rug sneezing. I thought that would be it. Yucky smell = no chewing.

Then she barfed up everything she ate today. Three times. I guess she really REALLY didn't like the taste.

I don't want to have it on my rug if it is going to make her sick. Already the silly dog is sniffing at the carpet again. She really REALLY loves eating carpets. Is this worth her getting sick over until she learns that eating carpet = sick tummy?


Gambit never vomited after tasting the bitter apple when he chewed stuff as a pup. I wonder if this is an extreme reaction.

Should I be concerned?

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