Karol Ann Moore (kam0520) wrote in boston_buddies,
Karol Ann Moore

you may already know this

Last night I was taking my nightly medicine and one fell out of my mouth and I didn't realize it.  Before I figured this out our boston Molly was on my chest and ate something.  It could have been either bentyl (for ibs) or my blood pressure med.  So I freak out and call the vet, they tell me to call poision control.  I tell them what meds it could of been how much she weighs (13lbs)  etc etc.  

They tell us to give her 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and get outside.  She being the dog that will eat/drink ANYTHING licks up the hydrogen peroxide like it's a treat!  We run her out on a leash and less than 5 minutes later she's throwing up.  I had NO idea that hydrogen peroxide would induce vomiting.  After she threw up a good 5 or 6 times she was fine, she drank water and was ready to play. 

So just an FYI, poison control (atleast alabama's) will give you info on dogs AND peroxide will induce vomiting.  She will eat ANYTHING (including lemonaid and pickle juice) so we will have a bottle of peroxide on hand! 

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