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I have a question /opinion type thing to ask of the group.   Experiences and stuff.  Pleasd try to keep judgemental comments to a minimum, i don'' forsee there truly being any but it has some potential.

Anyone in the group a night worker?  and if so how does your pupper react to it?  I'm talking about someone that lives alone.   I just want to try to judge whether any difficulties to doing it can be overcome.   I'll be moving again in the spring (or i should be anyway) and I will be somewhere that I can have a dog.   I'm not sure that after losing Skyking I'm quite up to having another BT but i think another small breed might be in my future.  If i can figure out whether any hardships can me easily overcome or are worth overcoming.  Truthfully i need something a little more companionable then a bird (which is all i have now)  and i'm horridly allergic to cats.

Some of this i tried to find online with little luck

Are dogs truly diurnal and will they sleep while their person is gone at night (less worry about the animal being alone, having distructive behaviors and separation anxiety.) or will they match your sleep cycle.

I guess i'm lookign to see how people may have handled house training as well (alhtough i guess it would be the same  as when working a day shift  and what not.)

would a dog be happy basically alone in the house in the middle of the afternoon while its person was sleeping? 



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