Manu (hanged_man) wrote in boston_buddies,

This is just a cute small thing I saw,
Well I am really into a band called Alkaline Trio, and today, I found some photos of the band on Last.FM, witch leads me into this,


At first, I was, OMG MATT SKIBA HAS A BOSTON ON HIS SHIRT! then it hit me that I have the same shirt, but the girl's one.

I know its just a small thing, and he may not know what the breed of the dog and so on, but I thought it was cool to show to other Boston lovers.

I may do a post one about other people in bands that have Bostons, I know one (I think two) bands that I am into have one. Off the top of my head, I know that the Pat a guy that works closely with the band Simple Plan has one, also used the dog as a model in a line of shirts that he has, (Just now I went to look for the photos at his site, and they are not there... but here is a link in case I missed them )

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