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My snorty, nutty, snugly pig-frog-dog has conjunctivitis.

The vet says she doesn't produce enough of her own tears to keep her eyes clear.

There is a surgery (according to my vet) that isn't even 50% where they take glands from her mouth/tongue and implant them to her tear ducts to 'hopefully' produce secretion. I am cautious about the surgery because of the odds. If they were even 80% I would do it, but 50%?!

I clean her eyes at least twice a day, it's pretty horrifying. I feel so terrible because I know it cannot be comfortable. She is so patient when i clean her eyes and I use Eucerin to keep the skin around her eyes moist-ish and that seem to help her comfort in a BIG way. Not the lotion, but the clear stuff ( I use on my eczema).

Do any of you have any suggestion or directions?

In the mornings I use a warm, damp baby wash rag to wipe the crust from her eyes and again when I get home from work and as needed.

She is my baby girl and I hate the idea of her hurting. She is such a good baby and I am desperate to help her. I don't want her to go blind, but the buildup will eventually do that by creating cataracts.

I would really appreciate any help or suggestions.

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