Jenny (littlesunflower) wrote in boston_buddies,

Walking Styles

For those of you with two bostons, or two or more dogs, how do you cope if they have different walking styles? My schedule is such that I need to walk 'em both together, because I don't usually get home until 5 pm and mine is not the best neighborhood to be walking in after dark. I have 'em both on seperate leads which I loop around my wrist so I have one hand free, but they pull me apart! LOL. Daisy is like a jackrabbit, she wants to race down the street. Gambit is like a turtle. He wants to smell every bush and tree and leaf and pee on all of them. Now that Daisy is 9 months, she's really strong, and it's getting harder and harder to keep a pace that is tolerable for Gambit. His foot allergies sometimes make him limp when she is pulling. I try to rein her back but I also don't want the walk to be miserable for her, if she has lots of energy to burn, then so be it. We usually walk for a half hour to forty minutes or so in the evening, until it gets dark and I need to be home, and the effort of keeping them both together is exhausting. Walking them seperately is not really an option due to time and the fact that one would freak if I walked the other.

How do you manage?

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