lolarockinrolla (lolarockinrolla) wrote in boston_buddies,

Chica Bonita Conjunctivitis UPDATE

Thank you for all the suggestions and concern.

My hubby just got layed off and that was the lion's share of our income. Unfortunately, now we need to wait on the 2nd opinion and searching out a holistic vet.

In the meantime, I have been using the GenTeal Lubricating Eye Gel and it is like a miracle!! This is the clearest her bug-eyes have been in awhile. The redness and inflammation is 90% gone and she doesn't have discharge at all in her right eye now and the left eye (her worse eye) has a drastic reduction in discharge. Now I can just flush her eye, apply the drop, and she is good all day long. I add drops again at night and she hasn't woken up with yuk-eye for 2 days now.

I know this sounds like I let it go or wasn't treating, I was, please believe me. She was on antibiotics and sterile eye flushes and prescription eye drops and nothing has worked like the GenTeal. Nothing was stopping the mucus discharge.

Thank you so much </a></b></a>unquietmind for suggesting this. It is amazing and I am so happy my piggy is comfortable.

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