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this is bad. this is so bad.

Lainie attacked my mother. Again.

I haven't had the heart to type about this, but she's been getting bitchier and bitchier, and I can't figure out why. So far, she only seems to take things out on my mother.

I think part of it might be jealousy. For the longest time, Lainie was our only "baby." Then my mom adopted Scruffi (a God-only-knows dog). Once, when Mom went to pet Scruff, Lainie bit her hand. But we've had Scruffi for nearly a year now, and things are just now getting bad!

This time, Lainie was having a dream. Mom woke her up, and Lainie bit her three times on the face. It looks like Mom's had her nose pierced.

This is about the third time that Lainie has bitten Mom. She seems to think that it's not okay to attack Dad because he hit her with a door (he didn't; she ran into it running away from him), and it's not okay to attack me because she sleeps in the bed with me. But Mom is fair game???

I honestly don't know what to do. We can't take her around other people now because her behavior is getting so bad. I honestly can't stress enough how "bitchy" she's being toward everyone. I'm worried that if she attacks Mom again or bites anyone else, we may have to have her put down. This would absolutely break my heart.

Mom is being really nice about it, but she won't let Lainie get anywhere near her now. I know that if I weren't sick and didn't depend so much on Lainie to keep me sane, the dog would have been history by now.

I know it's a long shot that anyone would actually read all of this, but I'm trying to paint a clear picture so that someone might have some advice. PLEASE HELP. ANY advice would be appreciated.

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