Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

Merry Holidays and Post Birthday Post

So, I totally had my birthday in December, and then not just a few weeks later we got even more gifts!!! But first for my birthday!

I got this toy on the right from some thing called "GoDog" that hasn't even ripped yet, even though Niko chewed, and pulled at it so it has a weird belly button.

Here's some video of me having my special birthday meal and good times with all my toys:

And this is a kitty toy, and even has catnip I think, because wherever I would chew the kitties would roll around all over like they were crazy.

mmmmm, there's nothing wrong with catnip!

Oh, so then all the sudden it's christmas and there's red and green stuff all over the house, or so they say since I don't think I see those colors. I do know the blankets are fuzzier and smell like cinnamon.

And the big tree is back, that is not a toy, and is not for chewing or peeing on.

Even Niko fell asleep just like last year (i'll try to find it and post it back here to show the sameness!)Last years:

Mom got our snowflake beds out and we laid in the sun, it was cold this year.

Niko tries to sit all funny on the pillows everytime, I am good and lay like a nice boy on the blankets, because I am 4 and know how to be a good dog for Christmas presents.

There was an unfortunate time where these collars with bells were shoved over our heads, they were jingly and loud, luckily mom took them off after we got really noisy shaking our necks.

We got lots of good Holiday greetings from everyone, we hope you all had as much fun as we are, and have a wonderful New Year!

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